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Origin of the name Miniúr

Once upon a time, there was an old, abandoned house. Lots of memories, beautiful surroundings. There was a girl - Réka - with many old experiences and even more ambitions. She wanted others to experience the moments of joy here that she once had. Well, she started.

The house slowly transformed completely. The old stables were built-in, the garden planted. Renovation of the old, dilapidated wine cellar could not miss out, as the installation of the garden furnace was obvious as well. The renovation of the house was finished, but it was still empty.

Time has passed and Réka has been enriched with the most wonderful experience of her life. Her little son, Miniur, was born.

On a beautiful winter's day, our heroes got up and immersed themselves in the hangars of endless used furniture. Each piece has its own story - so the old, renovated house will come to life thanks to them - thought Réka. They were wandering the hangars for three days and got everything. The furniture was refurbished, and slowly the last accessory was placed.

Nothing is more important than the comfort of the Miniur and his guests, so everyone from the smallest to the largest has the opportunity here to fully relax and recharge. Wonderful books, board and card games for fun. A Finnish sauna for relaxation and a sound projector for an evening party for what you can easily make the snacks in our fully equipped kitchen.

Who doesn't believe? Check it out!


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